Dancing Hollywood


First off, let me start by saying: Hollywood is great. Hollywood sucks, Hollywood is real, Hollywood is Fake.

Now that we have neutralized your opinion, the most important thing to remember about Hollywood is that, they have been creating everything you can think of since you could of it with money. Before Shakespear, they would pay nobles to find talent and if the talent was not convincing, they would slaughter them with lions.


So, what is so great that this deserves any of my time? Well, because Hollywood made our dance careers a field and not just a hobby. I am a dancer. It’s something I am not ashamed of and their is a lot of cultural differences, diversities, conflictions, remedies and joys of living life as a dancer.

               With this blog, however, the goal is to acknowledge what it means to the dancers that Hollywood supports them and their craft. Sure, you have So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing With The Stars, Americas Best Dance Crew, America’s Got Talent and the famous, Soul Train. If you would like the complete list, you can find this info @  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Dance_television_shows.

Now, this is beautiful and all, but why would I care to write about TV when I am a dancer? Shouldn’t I be practicing my craft? In fact, when you watch such things as these, hear the critiques and analyze for yourself, you are practicing. We will call it “pre-practice.”

So when is the test?



Dance has always been so influential, I can’t say who started it, but among the most popular choices among the youth; You Got Served with B2K, Marquise Houston, that hott chick in all the B2k music Videos and the Hott Chick known as the Queen of Dance movies.

Its strange that I call her the Queen of Dance movies, but you see why she needs no name? Lets see; Stomp the Yard with Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, and the Queen of Dance.

Step Up is awesome, but I don’t know much about it.

Step Up 2 is the best of the set

and Step Up 3, which is very giggly, emotional and punctually about college advertisement.

Stomp the Yard 2

These were the beginnings of the dancing/Hip-hop culture craze, but the only one topping You Got Served is, you guessed it ; Save The Last Dance with the ever-so-charming Julia Stiles.

It’s worth it to put more into this blog, but those are the only ones I know that are true enough to make it into the top 6. What are we missing?



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