The Dancing Individuals who formed Ledgends

The Dancing Individuals who formed Ledgends

How many of you know that chancer are %70 that your mother was in love with Michael Jackson in her teenage, and even adult years?


They have every right to remember the King of Pop. Michael Jackson is undoubtedly one of the most famous artists for revolutionizing dance. Why?

What are the odds that you have looked at my previous blogs? Do you see a trend?

The trend is …. DANCE!


Previously stated, this man named Michael Jackson was and could possibly still be the king of pop.

Previously, we asked why. I will tell you WHY.


In the late great 80’s, Michael stylishly hovered across the floor backwords as if he was walking forwards. The crowed indefinately though it was some gimmick until they realized, they were watching him do it. After the first, second and third appearance of the “Moon Walk,” Michael was the biggest phenom of dance history. Bigger than “The Twist,” bigger than “The Humpty,” and it is nearly safe to say, bigger than disco(also known as discotheque) itself. 

          It wasn’t until the late 90’s that, Usher Raymond, whom goes by the stage name Usher, began his legacy as the fly guy who danced his way into a singing career. Raymond stated in an interview, “my biggest inspiration is Michael Jackson.” So, let me get this straight. Michael influenced Usher and Usher danced choreographes on stage until he was platinum? Wow, that sounds cool( as little kid thinks in his hear,”I wonder if I could be just like Usher. I wanna be just like him”). So0o0o0o, I guess it’s no suprise that when Lil’ Bowwow or the king of BET known as “Mr. 106 & Park” started doing the Crip Walk and Harlem Shake on stages across america, he inspired others to be “Like Mike( haha a reference from Trick Daddy and the song “Basket Ball” by Lil’ Bowwow ). Apparently this had started a craze among the hip-hop nation of dancers (Lets not forget about the late-great B. Spears, NSYNC-whom is still awesome-, Backstreet Boys; the pop culture whom had a say around the same time). Before you knew it, Bowwow had Omarion and B2k tearing up the dance stages. With plenty to go around, this was a great opportunity for B2k, as a whole crew of dancers, to start the dance videos, which captured hip hop culture as it was and still is today(Thats another blog at another time; Dance Videos). It wasn’t too long after that, that the new ledgend by the name of  Chris Brown had sprung up. With these 3 names, the entire dance culture was the beginning of the compositive, wealthy and healthy future of Hollywood dance, Music dance and they deserve to be deemed the Dukes of Hip-Hop Dance culture.


—–Now, because the industry is fairly tainted as of the 2012 dance season, it’s imprtant to acknowledge that, nothing deserves to be stereotyped as a whole. The dance field is the MOST DIVERSE FIELD OF ANY, I REPEAT, ANY ENTERTAINMENT FIELD. Music has the same thing; a tick, a rub, a smack, a synth and a voice oh, and a note.


Dance, however, has a different attitude in every individual. Musica can be copied. dance cannot be identical.


Feel free like LeeAnne Womack and dance if you get the chance. Don’t sit it out.


Thanks, ONE Love Too



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