It’s easy to say, hey, look at me, I’m a Monarch. Either you will be loved to splendor, hated till death or though to be a Madman impersonating a butterfly. Whichever the case, with just enough money, you can own a themed throne in reality. Sure, you could go conquer the territory, start a new feudalistic supremacy, where all locals worship your every word, hate your every word or think nothing of such. Sure, you could even buy a 57,000 plot of land in a country with only one abandonEd castle with one Rook Tower. Or you could pretend your the richest coolest kid in school, for friends, steal all of the ballots and write your name in time to be nominated for High School Royalty, or pretend this all in your dreams; AND YOU STILL WOULDN’T BE A BLOOD DROP CLOSER TO A ROYAL BLOODLINE. Monarchy is fun, but it’s not what you think. More often than not, it’s waging war against ones you would slave day and night to serve for their love. Monarchy is a lifestyle, much like hip-hop. Either you are or you aren’t.


Here is a link if you have the money, you could be on the next flight to Westminster for a feast like that of a Manorial Ball.
If you want it bad enough, you can have a title based on your passport, credit card, drivers license and even Bank and Residence contracts.

In my life, I have been beaten, scoured, lie to, stolen from, picked on, teased, blasphemed, rated minimal and spoken of poorly.

That is something you must require deal with frequently, but the reward is high.
I’ve been first in my state, 2 in State, 5th in State, 23rd individually. I’ve been the first to obtain a school athletic record, prom court, choir championship and 1 of 5 Co-founders of a large community. I’ve taken outstanding organization of the year, Senate, National Corporate sponsorship and international support. I’ve started a Union and now look at me, I’m the Novice-Paid millionare-in-heart.

Prince James signing out.

Be what you want, but on this Christmas Day of Jesus Christ, I proclaim honor to One King.


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