Skate Fitness and Students Keeping Active Through Education (S.K.A.T.E. Club)

Now, many people keep asking “Why would you call this WordPress.Com site SKATEFITNESS?”


That’s a very good question. The reason is simple. Students Keeping Active Through Education with Fitness is the greatest exercise you can have. Students Keeping Active is so broad.

It could be: Students staying physically involved with philanthropy(501(3)C, Awareness Groups and community-volunteer involvement), Civic Clubs(Like: Fraternities, Cliques, Societies, Coveted Gangs, Dance Clubs, Small Business Affiliations, Corporate Affiliations and so on…), Employment(For-Profit or Non-Profit), Athletics(Traditional Sports and Action Sports), or just staying busy(drinking a beer, smoking a bowl or writing a book). Keeping Active Through Education is much more simple to explain: you are a student every day at every moment in life. You will never stop learning, so that means you are always being Educated.



We, as a Union(UNITY-COMMUNION or COMMUNITY), with  For-Profit, Non-Profit, 2 scholastic chapters, and High School Volunteer Litter Crew, have given our very heart to become an established Service to any single person, any single agency, any single government, any single institution and any single entity of inspiration.


SKATEFITNESS is just another way to give thanks to those young high school students that gave their heart to change the status-quo.


Now that you know that, Students Keeping Active Through Education or SKATE Club is a club that every single living thing can partake in, come show some love to those that we are inspired by:











We gotta love these kind of people!








Bottem line and moral of this story:  Love your freedom, enjoy life and always be a Student Keeping Active Through your Education. It’s a beautiful thing.



SKATE DAY 2013 is an event that we want everyone to enjoy on the 8th day of each month. Please, just enjoy your friends on that day and SKATING will be a fun-day on the 8th day of every month


Popular Dances

       John Martin made a really good point about the Generation of Dancing: “If the graybeards are satisfied with the old conventional ideas of dancing, the youngsters demand something with more vitality.They have NO interest in comparing bits of decorative design with other bits of decorative design for the sake of test-experience..young people are not usually conspicuous for their partonage of serious aspects of the arts, and it is therefore distinctly worth nothing that, this outstanding art movement of our day, is a young peoples movement. So, when did we move into this generation or new era when music and dance hit the scene harder than “Can You Do The Twist?” I suppose it all started when Digital Underground did the “Humpty.” Later trends followed as DJ UNK promoted the “Walk It Out” and “The Two Step, ” while Ciara also introduced the “One,Two-Step.” Cash Camp was apart of such genre with “Crank Dat Yank” which was inspired by  teen sensation, Souljaboy… with the teen sensational “Crank Dat Soulja Boy” and other strange songs about dance like “My Dougie.” This inspired a whole generation of babyboomer-babies-babies.. Now, their are others like the “Stanky Legg” by Gs Boys. Note: they really are just boys (being boys). The same group inspired the dance “Booty Doo.” And we can’t forget about “Snap Your Fingers” by Lil’ Jon; the song that tought people to lean and rock sequentially. But this is not anywhere near Bay Area ledgend, Mac Dre,  whom started in the time of Digital Underground with his One Hit Wonder, “Thizzle Dance.” I mean, who could forget that? Laugh-Out-Loud, thats a dumb question. A lot of people can’t even recognize this very popular name. So, let’s get back to what we were saying. The new era of dance phenoms includes “The Jerk” by New Boyz. Needless to say, they inspired more young people to dance their way into the million-dollar life style, like the current phenom “Teach Me How To Dougie” by Cali Swag District. Of course within the timeframe of their developments, their were other songs that tought dances without labeling them as such, but using the lyrical material as catchy key signatures, like Dem Franchise Boys with the late-great “Oh I think they like me” and Young Joc “It’s Going Down(motorcycle dance).” Chris Brown contributed to the efforts by adding the “Run It” single platinum one hit wonder. As you see, its preposterous to think that it’s uncommon for the majority of the youth to dance. Its even more uncommon to think that, those who dance, don’t compose music. As you can also believe, music and dance go hand in hand and is also the new basis for a successful chance at making it “BIG” in the music industry. Now I, being a man of a humble faith (or so they have said) do not find the majority of these to be within my range of style or beliefs, however, it is possible for you to find a crease in todays media if you apply a little ignorance, and make yourself stand out with a hint conceite. So, be sure you know what your dancing to before you call it “cool…” Dance for passion, hobby or interest, not because it will give you friends. I mean, look; PSY, an international language of foreign decent can unite a whole globe 780,551,023 strong as of 11/21. “Gangnam Style,” is indefinitely a record shattering dance on YouTube. It’s imperative to see the versatility of dance in music. Both, music and dance go hand in hand. This is MONA signing out. LOVE.

Living Above the In NW style

Image What do you do when you feel like something is missing out of the equasion? Do you retrace your conflict back to the mistake or are you “that guy” whom believes everything happens for a reason; in which case, you believe a lie? Maybe you are the one that finds a new plan and reimplicates the initial layout. Whichever scenario you may apply to yourself, one knows that something just doesn’t seem right without that missing piece.

Well, thinking back, my idea of the missing puzzle piece was Hip-Hop. You see, hip-hop is not a style, hip-hop is not a type of music. Hip-hop is not a type of person nor is it a place you can find. In every definition of the true meaning of Hip-Hop; Hip-Hop IS A Culture. Now, one might ask; what is your definition of culture? properly states: “The total of the inherited ideas, beliefs, values, and knowledge, which constitute the shared bases of social action.”

If Hip-Hop is considered a culture and its valuable knowledge is its beliefs and ideas, what is the system of belief behind hip-hop?

In my opinion ( like the back; where the good Lord split you-we all have one), Hip-Hop is a culture based amongst lyrical poets producing musical compositions generally related to Digital-to-Analog conversion (some call this Emceeing or DJ’ing instruments and synthesizers into one common, compositive art). Hip-Hop is the act of contorting your body based on your emotion to the music, whether it be a mix of Samba, Contemporary Jazz Stepping, Rumba, Breakdancing, Waltz-Tap, Liquid-Pop, or Solo-Teknicks. Hip-Hop is the act of creating art in rural, urban and educational settings with paint, spray paint, pencils. pens, dirt, mud, pastels, or even glitter to form calligraphic text or even abstract art. Hip-Hop is the style of clothing you choose to express who you are to others. Hip-Hop is LIFE AT ALL TIMES.


Now, some may see contradiction, but without every detail as one whole, the picture is incomplete.

          A wise female once stated, “We started a Hip-Hop dance Club because we felt it was important to bring cuture to our area.” Little did she know that, 2 years later, her aspirations to create a small dance organization would turn into a community over 200 strong between Marysville, Lake Stevens, Everett and Tulalip. This club brought a trademark to be reckoned with in the big city of Seattle. Crews were beginning to battle and before you knew it, the NorthWest B-Boy website was performing demonstrations at local schools and educating elementry students about the history and culture of breakdancing, dancing and hip-hop Image.


Many say; we have a diverse community in our school; but how many have a community that is diverse? A diverse community could be a variety, but a community that’s divers entails that, most of the students partake in various activities.



With leaders like this hosting events like: Image


We are clearly able to say; we owe a lot of respect to these students making postivie choices.



Here, lets take a deeper look into what this really means.

A highschool student; a college student and dropouts from both age brackets are all taking summer off. The biggest parties of the year are coming up. Their parents are out of town and 30 people have agreed to throw a monsterous party.


From a parents point of view; would you rather :

A: Let them go to a party without any exposure to learning how to dance; to get overly wasted, potentially poisoned by excessive alcohol consumption and arrested for substance intoxication?

B: Let them learn how to handle themselves at said party, while looking out for friends and dancing the night away, having a good time and youthful life?

C: Let them miss out on their youth because of lacking trust and failure to expose such “Above The Influence” entertainments, such as dance?

With these three scenarios, it’s hard to choose because if you fail to allow experience to teach them about fun, they may rebel. If you fail to show them dance, they may never understand the culture and may end up in the wrong crowd posing like the previously listed. If you fail to show them about how dance is good for their social ability, they may never respect the culture it has behind it.

With all things considered, when LS Hip-Hop  started in 2005 with 3 homeboys at an elementary school and a dedicated, highly acclaimed senior to make it socially acceptable, the odds that it would be a relevent portion of 360 in 2012(10th Annual, first Decade), the biggest Breakdancing event in the Northern-West Evergreen, were most certainly uncharted expectations.


With a life to live, the only thing a dancer must do to dance with life is-dance.