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Bryan Chisholm :
Monday, March 11, 2013
For 95% percent of musicians and bands, the ultimate goal is to perform a show in front of a live audience. But in order to put on an acceptable performance, there are a few things a band should do in preparation.

This is no Show-off

Tip 1) Practice. Of course this is a given. But I mean practice correctly and efficiently. Play your entire set all the way through. Musicians need to get their stamina up. You can tire out quicker than you think once you get on that stage with hot lights shining down and you rock out non stop for the entire set. Also in practice, listen to each other. Be aware of what every one in the band is playing at all times. This will help you “click” better during performances.

Big Talk

Tip 2) Come up with a set list. You never really want to go into a gig and just decide after each song what you are gonna play next. This can cause some problems and might stress some of the band out. Have a plan, and this will help everyone feel a little relaxed because they know whats coming up.

Tip 3) Be prepared to make changes and adaptations during the show. Discuss as a band that slight changes might need to be made to the setlist during the show. If the audience responds better to the upbeat stuff, then decide as a band if you will play what the audience responds best to, or if you just want to play straight through the set and hope the crowd doesn’t get bored.

Tip 4) Know how you are going to transition from song to song. One sign of a newbie band is when after a song is over, they all get quiet, tune their guitars for 2 minutes, talk to each other, and make the crowd wait in awkward silence for the next song. Have one (or more) member of the band talk to the crowd, continue to feed them energy. If the crowd gets super pumped during a song, don’t let that adrenalin and fun die down as soon as it’s over. Talk to the crowd, joke around a bit (as long as it is entertaining and not awkward), thank everyone, pitch your album or merch (but don’t overdo this), or just jump right into the next song and keep everyone buzzing.

Tip 5) BE CREATIVE. Come up with some entertaining and original stuff to display during your show. Audiences love being surprised in a good way. If it’s cool, they will respond well and you will have something that sets your band apart from most other (non major) bands that they see in local venues.

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